Unreal Studio Lighting Pro v2

Unreal Studio Lighting Pro

v 2.0

Not every sequel is a bad idea.

Video as source for the lights • brand new exr textures •
new umbrella light • cinematic bloom textures

What’s new in version 2.0?

Shaping your lighting is essential. Especially so when you are going after a
specific look and you need complete control over your lighting.
The combination of custom functionality, high-dynamic range maps
and easy to use UI makes the process of finding that professional look
and precise reflections brief and playful.

Using real-world light units and dimensions make the setup stage not only familiar but it also delivers physically accurate results.

Try out instantly different values for

  • Temperature based light color
  • Image-based lighting
  • Animation as an input source for your lights
  • Tailor-made 2k bloom textures, based on iconic Hollywood titles
  • Barn-doors – length and angle controls
  • Target based positioning for exact light and reflection placement
  • Post-production controls – per light custom reflection and bloom values and more.

…go through as many iterations as you need – literally in no time.

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What’s “in-the-box”?

35 HDR images for UE4’s Rectangular Lights
4k Resolution EXR Files
10 video sequences for light source at 3 speeds – slow, normal and fast
2k and 4k resolution of the video sequences – options for both performance and extreme quality
12 pcs. 2k textures for custom Convolution bloom
• 3 free demo scenes
• Studio backdrops – 4 different types of popular types

Uber Softbox.
Based on the traditional photographer’s softbox it includes great additional features like animated textures, precise reflection intensity control and more.

Live Softbox.
Everything you have in the Uber Softbox and more. The straightforward way to add animation as the source for your lights. Comes with 30 pre-made presets with different speed of movement and it’s completely accessible, so that you can use your own animations.*

Studio lighting’s Swiss knife. Has every essential feature and offers different shape types – circle, octagon etc.

Umbrella Light.
True Photographers’ dream. Relying on the Real-time Global Illumination (RTGI) feature, the Umbrella Light adds that soft touch to any scene, not to mention that it is a great background subject.

Kino Lights.
Single or Multiple bank light setup with the range up to 4 individual light tubes, barn-door and texture controls.

Fresnel Light.
Powerful directional light. Features several different lens types, giving you fine control over the visual shape of the light, especially when it’s out of focus.

Barn-door controls | Color Temperature Values | Target oriented
Bi-directional texture animation | Four Studio Backdrops
Animation as light source | Bloom textures

Hue wheel or a Kelvin value?

Choose the exact color the way you want.

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animation as a light source • real-world units (lumen) • targeting •
color based on light temp. value • over 30 exr files for image-based lighting •
custom shape and/or size • barn-door controls • reflection and shadow influence control • animation

Usage notice & tips

The Unreal Studio Lighting Pro can be used without the new ray-tracing features.
However they are build around them, so in case you decide to used them with incompatible hardware (non RTX capable graphics card) or unsupported software (older OS or Direct X version) performance and/or quality deviations are to be expected. All blueprints, textures and any other features from this product have been tested on both 4.26 and 4.25 versions of Unreal Engine.

*Live Softbox

This light is using playlists which are fed with a media texture so that the custom video files could be read and used as a source for UE4’s own Rect Lights. While it was substantially tested, this could still produce some unpredictable results, most commonly a difference between the starting point in the animation you see in the editor and in your final, rendered out sequence. That’s mainly due to the nature how UE4 handles in editor animations


and their final playback rate. In case you need or want to experiment with that, there is a dedicated node for that in the actual Blueprint. Please note that you might need different values for the different engine versions, i.e. a value in 4.26 won’t necessarily translate to the exact same rendered out result in 4.25 or earlier versions.
All that being said, the Live Softbox is very much an ongoing project and will keep on improving.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 64-bit

Processor Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster

Memory 16 GB RAM

Video Card Minimum GPU requirements – GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB or newer. DirectX 12.