The Unreal Guys

Hey there!

The Bulgarian podcast for real-time and virtual reality development and really everything Unreal Engine related. Hosted by Daniel Petrov and myself, both with all around Generalist background dive into real-time visualization.


  • by Yunal Zobu / Daniel Petrov
    Здравейте! Ние сме Юнал и Даниел и искаме да си говорим с вас за Unreal Engine 🙂 къде може да ни откриете Instagram: Тhunderpoly / Reversedpoly Web: Artstaton-а на Дани […]

Hi, I’m Yunal. I’m a CG artist based in the beautiful coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria. With quite a few years of experience in the industry and I’ve been fortunate enough to pursuit my inner strive of beautiful feeling imagery, both static and in motion. Read more